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Eagle and Cup Jesus and John

The Story, The Pictures

The Story

Jesus, son of Mary, was over thirty and had never been married. He had a close relationship with a teenager named John. After he died, John took care of his friendís mother to the end of her life.

Images of John usually show him as a beardless youth, sometimes with a cup, an eagle, a book or pen. Other images show him as a very old man on the Isle of Patmos.

Paintings of the last supper show him leaning against his friend, Jesus. At the crucifixion he is shown with Mary at the foot of the cross. In portrayal of events immediately after the crucifixion he and Mary are shown together as the chief mourners.

No claim is made here that Jesus was Gay. Perhaps he wan't.

The Pictures

The Last Supper by Giotto
Crucifixtion by Grunewald
Mary and John at the Foot of the Cross by Weyden
The Crucifixion by Duccio
Crucifixtion with the Medona and St. John by Fiorentino
John is top left with cup
Descent from the Cross
Pieta by Giottino
Lamentation by Crivelli
The Entombment by Weyden
The Virgin, St. John and the Holy Women by Memling
Holy Trinity with the Virgin and St. John by Massaccio
The Parting of Saint John by Duccio
The Four Evangelists
The Institution of the Eucharist by Ghent
John as Alter Boy
St. John by Memling
St. John by Correggio
The Death of the Virgin
St. John on Patmos by Grien
Crucifix with the Virgin and St. John by the studio of Giotto
Pieta by Botticelli
Was Jesus Gay?

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Jesus and John

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