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Become a member of a True Religion church and obtain eternal life, guaranteed. Should any member in good standing of a True Religion church, after death, not attain life everlasting, then True Religion will return to them, three times, yes, three times the amount of money that they have paid to that church. This is True Religionís famous, triple your money back, guarantee.

Because True Religion, S.P., is nondenominational, each member church has its own name, which may or may not contain the words, True Religion. There is, or soon will be, a True Religion church in your area that is appropriate to your needs. For a description of the True Religion churches near you, click on the link below.

If you are presently a member of a church, ask your priest or pastor if your church is a member of the True Religion family. Ask about the guarantee that your present church offers. If you find that there is no guarantee or that it is less than True Religion's famous, triple your money back guarantee, then click on the link below..

The printing, copying, or distributing of this flyer is strictly permitted by True Religion, S.P.