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Handbook for Potential Investors*

Religion is a great business, and a franchise with True Religion, S.P., is a great opportunity. True Religion provides everything needed for the success of its franchise owners. Its products and its marketing strategies are based upon sound, time tested, principles.

People are afraid of death. They are willing to pay for reassurances that their persona will continue in the hereafter. We do not promise them salvation for a flat fee, however. Instead, we offer forgiveness of past sins, which in turn, leads to life everlasting. Sins are then defined in such a way, that it is reasonably certain, in a few days, that your customers will again be in need of forgiveness. Most will return for more reassurance. It is this repeat business that makes for a successful franchise.

Can anyone get into the religion business? Yes. Religion is an unregulated business activity. The Constitution of the United States forbids local, state, or federal governments from interfering in religion. However, certain practices could be judged to be fraud, which is a crime. True Religion’s “Handbook for Franchise Owners” covers this issue and explains how to avoid being found guilty of such an offense. The “Handbook” also explains certain tax advantages inherent in the religion business and how to remain in compliance with the tax laws.

How much does it cost to purchase a franchise? The cost of a franchise is nominal. However, first, one must complete a course of study at the True Religion Graduate School of Theology. There are, of course, some costs associated with advanced study. Upon completing the curriculum, students must pass a comprehensive oral examination and successfully complete a thesis. When all this has been accomplished the student will be awarded the degree of Doctor of Theology (Th.D.) and a franchise in the True Religion family.. For application procedures click on the link below.

What are the benefits of a franchise with True Religion? A regional client service representative will be assigned to assist you in all phases of the operation of your franchise. You will receive regular visits from your representative, who will review all aspects of your franchise and will make specific recommendations designed to improve profitability. Most importantly, no other franchise will be allowed to function in your market area.

True Religion, through its centralized purchasing power can provide most church supplies at the lowest possible cost. In the future, we hope to manufacture some items. Business services are also available, such as, accounting, architecture, general contracting, insurance, legal, and printing.

What other obligations would I have to True Religion? Your franchise will be assessed a monthly fee equal to ten percent of our estimate of your total monthly revenues. This estimate will be based upon the reports of your regional client service representative. Should you find fault with our estimate, the services of True Religion’s Ombudsman, Mr. Luke A. Braatsi will be available to you at no charge. We have found that most disagreements are quickly resolved.

Click now for application procedures.

*True Religion, S.P. is not supported, in part, by a grant from The National Endowment for the Humanities NEH-149366-97