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Start Your Own Church

I regret to inform you that there are no True Religion, S.P., churches located in your area. There is, however, an option for you.


Why be a passive spectator when you can be an active participant? Religion is an unregulated business. The U.S. Constitution forbids federal, state or local governments from interfering with your right to start your own church. No government licenses are required, there are no government regulators to deal with, and there are important tax benefits.

Donít know where to begin? Want help getting started? True Religion, S.P., at a modest fee, sells franchises and provides educational and technical support for those wishing to enter the lucrative field of religion. For more information click on the link below.

The famous, True Religion, S.P. triple your money back guarantee, designed by our marketing strategist, will bring in the customers to your franchise, to be the members of your church. Achieve self fulfillment by expressing your personal theology. Donít delay, click on the link below.

The printing, copying, or distributing of this flyer is strictly permitted by True Religion, S.P.