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Ancient Greek Art

Links to Images of Greek Vase Paintings

Boy running:
Man and youth pursuing boy:
Man and youth at symposium:
Men and youth and cupbearers:
Courtship of men and boys:
Youth in tree, boy and man dancing:
A Man and a boy :
Homosexual courtship:
Men and boys:
Boy victor:
Zeus and Ganymede:
Zeus and Ganymede (close up):
Zeus, Ganymede and Eagle:
Still More Vase Paintings:
Perseus Project Home Page:
Male Love in Ancient Greece:
Another Greek Art Page :

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Links to Images of Greek Sculptures

Eros Stringing his Bow:
Head of a Youth :
Kouros from Actium (front view):
Kouros from Naxos (rear view):
Apollo Lizard Killer:

Links to Images of Zeus and Ganymede

Zeus (sculpture):
Zeus Attacking the Giants (Vase Painting):
Ganymede (Vase Painting):
Zeus and Ganymede (Painting):
Ganymede and the Eagle (Print):
Ganymede and the Eagle (Engraving):
Zeus kissing Ganymede (Bronze pendant):
Ganymede and the Eagle (sculpture):
Zeus and the Eagle (Cup painting):
Zeus and the Eagle (Sculpture):
Ganymede and the Eagle (Chatsworth sculpture):
Ganymede and the Eagle (Earrings):
Zeus and Ganymede (wall decoration):
The Rape of Ganymede (Plaquette):
Just Me & My Chick (sculpture):
Zeus and Ganymede (Photo of a sculpture):
Zeus and Ganymede (CD Label):
Zeus and Ganymede (Button):
Zeus and Ganymede (Magnet):
Zeus and Ganymede—The Story, The Pictures :
Ganymede Gallery:
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