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Boys in Fine Arts Links


Self Portrait at 13, 1484
Self Portrait at 22, 1493
Portrait of a Young Scholar
A Prince of Saxony
Portrait of a Young Man
Bindo Altoviti
Portrait of a Gentleman
Study for the Head of Apollo
Youth with a Fruit Basket
Youth Bitten by a Green Lizard
Portrait of a Youth
Singing Boy with a Flute
The Young Beggar
Portrait of Johnathan Buttall
Henry Pelham
Midshipman Agustus Brine
Richard Heber
The Torn Hat
The Berry Boy
On His Holidays
The Knave
Self Portrait at Age 18
Seated Boy with a Portfolio
The Fifer
Boy in a Red Waistcoat
Farmboy from Tegernsee
Yawning Apprentice
The Painter to the Moon


An Old Man and a Youth
The Forge of Vulcan
The Tatooing Lesson
Boys Eating Fruit
Boy with Guitar
Le Conte and Chevalier de Choiseul as Savoyards
The Young Mechanic
Unconscious of Danger
Ecco and Narcissus
The Bird Catcher
Paying Homage to the Teacher on a Holiday
Boys Throwing Pebbles into the River


The Childhood of Christ
St. Sabastian
St. Sabastian (another)
Tobias Laying Hold of the Fish
Three Archangels with Tobias
Tobias and the Archangel Raphael Returning with the Fish
Tobias and the Angel
Tobias and the Angel
St. Matthew
The Vision of St. John
David and Goliath
David and Goliath
David with the Head of Goliath
David Playing before Saul
Johnathanís Tokan to David
Joseph Being Sold to Potiphar
Joseph Being Sold by his Brothers
Jacob Wrestling with the Angel
The Sacrifice of Issac
Abraham Sacrificing Issac
The Sacrifice of Issac

Nudes (or nearly)

Cupid Carving His Bow
Amour Victorious
Crowned by Apollo
The Rape of Ganymede
Prince Henry Lubomirski
Air Castles
Young Boy with a Cat
Young Boy and a Skull
Perseus with the Head of Medusa
Young Man beside the Sea
Death of Hiacynth
Endymion Asleep
Ignudo 1

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